Really useful facts about the Textiles exams:

  • There are two GCSE Textiles exams. Each will contain five questions, which get progressively more difficult.
  • At Foundation level you will start with the 'G' grade question and work up to the 'C' grade question.
  • At Higher level you will start with the 'D' question and work up to the 'A*' question.
  • You could be asked questions on any part of your coursework in Year 10 or 11.
  • If you go to the OCR website you will find the Textiles Technology Specification which lists, in detail, everything that could be in the exam. You will also find some past papers to help you revise.
  • Useful revision websites

Useful facts about the GCSE coursework project

  • The coursework is worth upto 60% of the GCSE marks.
  • It is possible to pass on the coursework alone.
  • If you do not complete the product you cannot possibly pass this GCSE
  • There are marks for the presentation of the coursework, spelling and grammer.

GCSE Project