Components are pre manufactured items added to textile products that are not the fabric.

Components can be functional eg. zip, velcro or decorative eg. fringed edging, sequins.
Examples of components that you could add to your designs:

Thread -Sewing up products, decoration. Comes in different sizes and fibres - embroidery silks, metallic thread, sewing thread.

Interfacing (Vilene) - Strengthening and stiffening fabric. Sew in or iron on. Non woven. Used in collars and cuffs, to reinforce embroidery.

Wadding - Used as flat padding for quilting. Often used to pad playmats and jackets. Insulates and retains warmth.

Bias binding - Used on the edges of products to cover raw edges and create a decorative effect.

Other items that are components are: zips, press studs, hook and eye, ribbon, buttons, sequins, eyelets, lace, toggles, pompoms, fringing etc.

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Pockets are not components as they are usually made from the fabric of the product.