When answering the exam questions remember:

1.If a question says ‘annotate’ it means that you should label the design, diagram etc. Details of fabrics, design ideas, components, explanations etc. can be written on.

2. Questions that contain words such as state, list, identify, name, only require one or two word answers.

3. Questions containing words such as explain, justify, analyse, describe require a more detailed answer.

4. Avoid using phrases such as ‘quick and easy’, ‘nice effect’, 'cheap' and ‘strong’ Be much more precise. Explain exactly what you mean.

5. Design features are a particular aspects of a design e.g. the pockets on a shirt. The embroidery round a hem of a skirt.

6. Performance characteristics are what a fibre, fabric or product can do. It could be crease resistant, durable or very absorbent etc.

7. The exam will contain questions about aspects of your project work such as research, designing, product analysis, specifications, testing, and evaluation.

8. Take coloured pencils and drawing equipment to the exam, you will have to draw a design. Remember to colour in neatly, the examiners will be impressed by this.

9. There will be a question on a theme given by the exam board. Make sure you have researched the topic.

10. If a question is for 4 marks make sure that you make 4 different points, or two points and two explanations. If it is for 6 marks, make 6 different points or three points and three explanations.

11. Even if you're not sure about the answer write something. You never know you might be right. You will not lose marks for a wrong answer.

12. Answer in sentences and avoid one word answers. Explain everything that you put.

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