Sewing Machines

Most sewing machines that you will use at school or home are Lockstitch machines.
They use two threads one on a bobbin and one on the top spool which interlock with each other to make the stitches.

Names of the different parts of the sewing machine

Before sewing with a sewing machine you should:
  • Check that you have the right needle for fabric and thread thickness.
  • Make sure that the needle is fastened into the machine
  • Check that the settings on the machine are correct.
  • Check that the thread tension is correct. Not too tight or too loose.
  • Do a small sample of sewing first to check everything is correct.

Overlockers (Serger)

  • Overlockers are used to finish edges and to stop them fraying. They do this by enclosing the edges with thread.
  • A blade trims the edge as it sews.
  • Overlocking is a strong stitch which is often used on stretchy items such as T shirts as it stretches with the fabric.

Demonstration of overlocking