This page will link you to all the different ways you can revise for your Textiles exam. Click on any link and it will take you to useful Textiles information

Revision Topics

a list of revision topics so that you can choose what to revise.

Visual Revision

Use these revision boards if you learn more from looking at pictures than reading loads of words.


Test yourself to see how much you know about Textiles

Revision Trail

Not sure what to revise? Follow our revision trail that will take you to the most useful revision pages.

Bare Minimum Revision

For those of you who really don't want to revise, this page contains the bare minimum that you will need to hopefully get a C grade in the exam. Realisticly though you need to do more than this!

Practise Papers

Try out old exam papers to improve your exam technique.

How To Answer Exam Questions

Find out how to answer questions in order to get the most marks