Information commonly found on labels on textile products.
  • Fibre content - listed in order of the highest fibre content first.
  • Country of origin - tells you where the product was made.
  • Product details - type, size and style of garment.
  • Safety advice - Used especially on childrens toys or clothing. 'Keep away from fire' 'For children 36 months and over'. The CE mark and Lion mark show that a product meets safety standards.
  • Retailers logo - Retailers store and product number used for tracing products if they have a fault.
  • Barcodes - Used to track the movement of the garment from the factory to the shop.
  • Care labels - how to look after your product to keep it looking good Washcare labels
  • Environmentally friendly, cruelty free, recyclable or Fairtrade - The label will often say if the garment was ethically produced.

Legally textiles products must have care labels, safety instructions, size and fibre content.

Substances such as dyes and paint are labelled to make people aware of how dangerous they can be.
  • COSHH - Control of substances hazardous to health. All chemicals that could be hazardous have to be labelled to explain what the chemicals are, how to use them safely and what to do if there is an accident with them. Dyes, paints and glue are labelled.

  • Other labels act as a quick guide as to whether a product is poisonous, flammable or hazardous Labels