You need to be aware of safety issues in the classroom as well as in the Textiles and Clothing industry.


In the classroom there are rules that you need to follow in order to work safely.
  • Know the safety clothing to use when using dyes or chemicals. - gloves and aprons
  • Keep chemicals and dyes locked away. Know COSHH regulations and symbols
  • Tie hair up and keep loose clothing away from machines
  • Correct safety procedures for using equipment such as sewing machines, irons and overlockers. - Set up correctly, turn off when not in use, make sure that cords are not tangled.
  • Check that the machine is not damaged before use.
  • Risks from equipment such as scissors and needles.
  • Risks from trip hazards such as bags on the floor.
  • Consideration of how any product that you make can be used safely.

I have seen one exam where they asked you to identify the Toxic and Flammable symbols.