C omputer

A ided

M anufacture

The making of textile products where the machine is controlled by the computer.

Advantages of CAM

  • Reduces the time required to make the textile product.
  • Is very accurate, all products are made to the same specification
  • Decreases cost of manufacture as not so many workers have to be paid
  • Less waste as no mistakes therefore decreases costs
  • Reduces repetitive work
  • Can work 24/7

Disadvantages of CAM

  • Very expensive to buy the machines and software that controls them.
  • Workers have to be trained to program the machine.
  • If the machine breaks it will probably need specialist parts to repair it and a long time to repair when it's not manufacturing products.

Processes carried out by CAM

Spreading and cutting out of fabric Cuts many layers of the fabric at one time.
Embroidery machine. Embroidering many products at once. Improves productivity

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