C omputer

A ided

D esign


CAD is any designing done using or with the help of a computer.
Most designing in industry is done this way these days. Before computer drawing systems were invented all designing, including different colourways, changing size, motifs etc was done by hand, drawing or painting each change, it was a very slow and costly process. These days designs can be completed very quickly and changed almost instantly.
Demonstration of CAD

Advantages of Computer Aided Design

  • Quick to change colours of a design
  • Quick to change the scale of a motif on the design
  • Quick to change design details of a design - sleeve type, collar type, length of skirt etc.
  • A design can be 'mapped' onto a figure so that you can see all round it and how the fabric would drape, how a pattern repeats.
  • Repeat patterns can be created quickly.
  • Saves time of the designer as designs can be done so quickly, thus saving money, and potentially more designs created.
  • Reduces the amount of repetitive work that designers have to do.
  • Designs can be saved and used again.
  • Designs can be sent to the buyer for instant approval.
  • Can be linked to machinery to create a CAD/CAM machine, which designs and then makes the product. (CAD/CAM embroidery machine)

Disadvantages of CAD

  • Specialist Computer Aided Design software is very expensive to buy often in the tens of thousands of £'s range.
  • Designers have to be trained to use the software.

CAD 3d cloth simulation. A good way of presenting ideas to buyers.

CAM- Computer Aided Manufacture

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